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Abdullahi Tanko Umaru Memorial 2024 scholarships fund for Nigerian students

“In memory of Mallam Abdullahi Tanko Umaru, this 2024 scholarships is open to indigenous students who are struggling to get a 2024 scholarships.

Are you a college student, interested in the humanities and social sciences, and facing economic challenges? Malam Abdullahi Tanko Umaru Memorial School offers a unique opportunity to honor Malam Tanko by supporting students like you who are committed to making a difference.


Financial support of 100,000 Naira to students in the humanities and social studies field honored the legacy of Mallam Tanko.


To be considered for the Abdullahi Tanko Umaru Memorial Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be a freshman or sophomore at any university
  • Enroll in any field of humanities and social sciences (Non-STEM)
  • “There is no minimum CGPA requirement to apply for this scholarship.
  • “Students who may have struggled academically are especially encouraged to enroll.

Selection Process

2024 scholarships

timeline schedule

Application Documents

To apply, candidates must be ready to submit the following documents:

Write the answers to the three essay questions:
What are your educational and career goals and what do your friends and family think about them?
influenced and inspired them? (maximum 500 words)
What does “leaving a good legacy behind” mean to you? (maximum 500 words)
Describe the problem you solved or the problem you want to solve. Explain its importance to you and the steps you have taken or can take to find a solution (maximum 500 words).

Application Process

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please get in touch with

Application deadline

February 5, 2024.

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