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Topswap Explains How The Payment System Will Be On May 30th

Topswap Announces How It’s Payment System Will Be On May 30th And Shortlist, You Can Visit The Site For Full Details

Dear TapSwappers,

Today we detected repeated malicious actions against TapSwap, so we have added anti-DDoS protection. When you enter the app šŸ¤–, you may need to complete verification. We apologize for the inconvenience and will turn off this protection once we adapt our infrastructure to handle such attacks. We appreciate your understanding šŸ™.

šŸ„³ Exciting news ā€” the winners have been chosen! āœØ We have drawn 100 prizes of $100 in $BEER tokens among all those who completed the tasks. Check the link below,

Winners’ list: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/dā€¦

and if your address is there, your BEER tokens will arrive shortly.@beercoinmeme ($BEER) is the best memecoin on Solana that unites beer lovers around the world!

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